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Buying Land On The Bozburun Peninsula

2017 update: Luxury Villa Anni is for sale. 100% legal. Please contact John on 0203 005 2749 for details or click here.  

October 2009 Update: Unscrupulous individuals and agents still continue to offer land and property on the Bozburun Peninsula for sale to British citizens. This is illegal. BRITISH CITIZENS CANNOT BUY LAND OR PROPERTY IN ORHANIYE, EITHER AS INDIVIDUALS OR THROUGH A TURKISH COMPANY. For a first hand experience of how confidence tricksters stole several British couples' life savings, please email Linsey Miller. She will explain the financial impact of believing such people and the subsequent battle to recover their money through the Turkish courts.

If you are a foreigner and are thinking of buying land or property in Orhaniye, please take professional advice from an English-speaking Turkish lawyer as the situation changes regularly.
Do not part with any cash to any 'estate agent' or 'land owner' until you talk to a certified Turkish lawyer or accountant.

According to the latest law, in Orhaniye, like all similar rural villages that do not have an “Implementary Development Plan” (Uygulama Imar Plani in Turkish) or a “Local Development Plan” (Mevzii Imar Plani in Turkish), only Turkish citizens can buy land or property. However, foreigners can legally buy land or property in towns or cities that do have these plans, e.g. Marmaris, Akyaka, Bodrum etc.

Do not be tempted to buy land and build a house illegally.
The Government has recently demolished several houses on the Bozburun Peninsula that were built illegally, and charged the 'owners' for the demolition. You will lose everything, others already have. According to this Turkish local news report there are 877 illegal buildings in this region still due for demolition.

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